Saturday, May 25, 2013

Big Lots~ May Haul

This month, my husband and I headed to our local, Big Lots. As usual, we had a budget of $50. After all was said and done we went over by $1.63. Not bad!

Do you shop at Big Lots?


Justin Knight said...

I do shop at Big Lots but then I forget to go back. It's not super close to my house. You got quite a haul! Awesome!
Justin Knight- Writing Pad Dad
Writing Pad Dad Blog

Becky L. said...

This week I went over to Wheeler Dealer cuz a hardware store customer had come in with a bag of Christmas mnms. I asked where he'd got Wheeler Dealer for $1.49. Since it's across from where I work, I headed over there after work to get a few bags. Still good, will eat them before expiration date in July and I can use some in cookies. I come across an MnM tshirt for $2.99. I like it, even though I had to dig for it. Got a few other good deals, not been there for awhile, should go back. Big Lots is good as well, but it's a ways for me to go.

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