Monday, May 06, 2013

May 6 is Melanoma Monday

Did you know that today is Melanoma Monday? I sure didn't till I joined a Twitter party and a HuffPostLive segment.

Nancy Redd, HuffPostLive, had a wonderfully informative panel, which included Andrea Heitker, Melanoma survivor and awareness advocate. Andrea actually developed Stage 3 Melanoma at 37.

According to the panel if you get it detected within the first 5 years, before it spreads to the lymph nodes, you have a 98% survival rate! That's worth the trip to dermatologist.

And while many people of color may think they're exempt from developing skin cancer, they will be sadly mistaken. Bob Marley died from melanoma under his toenail.

I was truly educated today and know will put the tools to work in my household.

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