Saturday, June 15, 2013

How About a Cocktail and An Appetizer At The Movies? Boston Globe

would you spend $28 for a movie ticket?

The Showcase Cinemas SuperLux in Chestnut Hill is not your typical movie-going experience. An employee in a crisp, all-black uniform greets patrons at the door, ushering them into a lobby that looks more like an upscale hotel than a movie theater.

There, a circular concierge desk sits under a large faux chandelier. A sleek bar and lounge area fills the space where lines for soda and candy usually stretch. Large touch screens stand to the side.

And just wait until you get into the theater.

This week, the Norwood-based theater chain National Amusements opened this top-of-the line theater in the newly redeveloped Newton shopping center, The Street. For $28, moviegoers can experience the “SuperLux” life, reclining in plush seats with footrests, browsing appetizers, entrees, and drinks from an iPad, and merely pressing a call button to order food — before and during the flick.

Popcorn is served on a tray, drinks in fine stemware. Pinkies extended, please.

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