Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Please Recommend A Blending Sponge Cleaner That Works! Thank You!

In today's mailbox I was pleasantly surprised to find my concealer pallet that I had ordered on Amazon. Just in time, because I really needed to replace my old one!

It's been at least a year or more since I shared my make up stash. I won't bore you with individual pieces but here's what I currently have!

Most of this is the results of Twitter and blog giveaways.

My favorite prize are the Shany Cosmetics 25 piece make up brushes!

I also won some beauty blending sponges. I really do love using them but hate the clean up. The cleaner I'm currently using doesn't get them as clean as I would like. If you have a blending sponge cleaner that works wonders please let me know!

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