Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market~ "It's Been Too Long"!

Since my Friday schedule was extremely busy, I took a side trip to our local Fresh & Easy, and picked up some premade meals for lunch and dinner. The cool thing about Fresh & Easy is they leave out the preservatives and additives in their ready made meals. Which makes me feel good about serving them to my family.

And since I was there, I picked up some organic fruits and vegetables, a dessert, bottle of wine and bouquet of flowers.

After all the salads and sandwiches we've been eating, the Slow Cooker Beef and Vegetable will make a nice change for Saturday lunch.

PS: Friday evening~ My husband and son commented about the wonderful aromas when they got home from work. They were bummed when I told them that they had to wait till Saturday for a bite.

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