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Health & Wellness Coach Update

In April, I hired Leslie Gail, Health & Wellness Coach, to assist me with some nutritional concerns. I've been working on eating more whole foods, less processed for more than a year but had hit a plateau. Leslie suggested several things, including that I try a sugar and dairy elimination, separately, for a week.

I decided to do the sugar elimination first because I don't consume much added sugar. (ex: sodas, sugar in coffee or tea) This task was much more difficult than I thought. I actually found myself wanting to have some sugar each day. I actually succumbed to Apple Rolls.

The following week, I started my dairy elimination. That meant no cream in my morning coffee, no butter on the toast. Yuck! But, I did a bit better on avoiding dairy.

Final results: I did feel a little better during the dairy elimination. I realized that I should be more aware of what I'm consuming so I do keep a food diary. Not for beating myself up but to see how certain foods affect my chronic pain. I really appreciate Leslie's suggestions and goal setting tips. If you're interesting in Leslie's services, please stop by her website.


Cindy@ExpatPrep said…
We've been going through this with one of our Kiddos due to behavior issues, and the sugar elimination (he's not so happy with this!) has worked wonders for him!
FlyMama Di said…
Thanks for visiting my blog!

My goal "diet" ("live-it") is the program laid out by Caldwell Esselston, Jr. for how to Reverse and Prevent Heart Disease. It is vegan, no dairy, no sugar, no processed foods, all whole grains... It's a very strict diet, hard to stick with, which is why it is my goal and not my accomplished lifestyle...

Have a blessed day!
I wish you continued success with your son's sugar elimination. It's amazing how certain foods can be tied to one's health.
FlyMama Di,
I would definitely have a problem following such a strict diet. But as you said, it's a goal.

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