Monday, July 01, 2013

I Love The Smell of Buttercream Vanilla Frosting in The Morning!

If you haven't heard, Las Vegas is experiencing record breaking temperatures this summer. Matter of fact, right as I'm typing this my Weather Channel app temperature went up another degree! (It's now 110 degrees) So it shouldn't be a surprise that I haven't been baking lately.

So, I decided to head to Etsy to purchase a buttercream vanilla frosting candle. (I love supporting Etsy businesses)

This Buttercream Frosting Soy Candle was purchased at AJs Country Cottage. At $8 plus shipping it was a great deal. Oh, and I ordered it on a Friday and received it in 3 days via snail mail! Now that's fast service.

Once our son opened the package, he immediately our son light the candle,within 30 minutes he emerged from his room, commenting that he wanted one. It's a wonderful scent of buttercream vanilla without heating up my oven!

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