Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Nature Box Subscription Box Has Arrived...Opened? August 2013

Usually when the Nature Box arrives I have managed to get to it first, take a few photos and than we dig in. Since I was relaxing at the pool, with my husband, he decided to dive right into the box of snacks. When you try this month's Nature Box you'll actually understand his rush.

Cocoa Waffle Wafers are lightly sweet and crispy. My husband thought they could have been more sweet. Our son and I thought they were just right. Teriyaki Twists are crunch rice cracker made with soy and a pinch of paprika. I'm not a fan but my husband and son really liked them.

Sweet Blueberry Almonds~who would have thought that these 2 ingredients would so good together? This is our family's favorite snack, from this month's box!

Another plus for the Sweet Blueberry Almonds~they're delicious on top of yogurt. Oh, and they have 'healing powers' for this chronic pain sufferer. I noticed that my hands weren't throbbing as much, after eating a few of the almonds.

Santa Fe Corn Stix are tomato, green pepper and onion flavored chips. Our son, Marcus really liked them. He asked me to take the bag before he finished them.

Cherry Berry Bonanaza are dried cranberries, red tart cherries and blueberries. (major antioxidant rich snack) No photos because we finished them off. They were delicious. Sweet, tart and chewy. Much better for you than a Gummy Bear.

The Cocoa Waffle Wafers made a yummy addition to a bowl of ice cream!

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