Thursday, August 01, 2013

#VisitCA Twitter Party Prize Has Arrived!

The FedEX delivery person showed up later than usual yesterday. And adding that I wasn't expecting any deliveries I was at a lost of what could be inside this box.

WooHoo. Looks like the #VisitCA California Tourism swag box has arrived. The twitter party was on July 22 so that's what I would call a very quick delivery. It will be fun digging into this.

It appears our son has gotten to it first. He advised me that he was the new owner of the baseball cap. That's fine since there's plenty of goodies for everybody.

A large tote bag, journal and pen,a CD, a few tour books and maps

more goodies!

I really like this speaker. It came with a USB connector too.

The huge towel will come in handy at the pool. And I've already called dibs on the water bottle!

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