Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday ~ September 22, 2013


I recently read about Max and LaVere Robinson, in a Huffington Post article. Not only were they married 83 years but according to their granddaughter it was a good marriage. They passed within days of each other this year, August.

Recently our son shared this with me. "You and Dad really do love and support each other. "When I see an older couple, walking, holding hands, I think of you and Dad."

Lisa Goeas, their granddaughter: "[I learned that] communication, respect, patience and a sense of humor are all critical to a happy and healthy marriage," she wrote in an email. "They always treated each other with kindness and compassion. They had their issues, like everyone else, but they knew how to work through them."

"Long-Married Couple of 83 Years, Max and LaVere Robinson, Die Three Days Apart" 9/10/2013.


Carrie said...

So tender and sweet. Yes, I must not forget to treat my husband with compassion and a humble spirit. Thank you for sharing!

Alison said...

What a wonderful legacy for their family: seeing them live out a full and robust marriage, right into their twilight years. May God continue to bless their family, and yours, Rona!

caryjo said...

My husband and I won't be married too many, many years, b/c of my age and health, but we have often said we'd like to be in heaven together quickly for each other. However, when I think of what Billy Graham has gone through since his dear wife went to heaven quite a time ago, we can't guarantee that particular hope. Eternity will definitely keep us together, but our present-day "years" in our world might not go that direction. Nice thinking, sharing. Thank you.

BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

Carrie, Alison and Caryjo,
Thanks you for stopping and commenting on this post.
I hope everyone has a blessed week.

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