Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Did You See "Disablity, USA" On 60 Minutes

Did you see the 60 Minutes segment, Disablity USA, that aired a couple of weeks ago, on CBS? If not, maybe you saw the Twitter comments. Either way, I'm not here to say that the segment was entirely wrong or right. Let's face it. Some people probably shouldn't be on SSDI. While others, who are suffering from terminal and chronic illnesses find themselves fighting for their benefits for years.

I do find that the comment, "After exhausting their unemployment they move onto SSDI" a bit troubling. Ask your average SSDI applicant how long it took for their claim to be accepted. I've heard 2-5 years. And during this time, you're not working.

As the segment continued, there does appear that there's a problem with a West Virginia attorney and a particular judge. (the attorney has 100% approval rating in front of a particular judge) There is an ongoing investigation regarding fraud.

What does this mean for future claimants? It's going to probably be more difficult to get your claim approved. And for current claimants? They'll probably be having their claims re-evaluated.

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