Monday, October 21, 2013

My UnReal Candy Twitter Party Prize Has Arrived!

The FedEX delivery person dropped this box off. And I had no idea what was inside till I saw the return label. I love surprise deliveries.

I won a month's free supply of UnReal Candy! Just in time for Halloween.

Thank you UnReal Candy for the awesome prize!


Susan said...

Woah!!! I would have been so excited to have that package delivered, too! Can you make it last a whole month -- that's the big question :) Enjoy!

KathyC said...

Wow what a prize!!! Congrats!

UNREAL said...

So stoked you received your package safe and sound! We hope you'll try to save some to hand out at Halloween (but we don't blame you if you can't help yourself). Feel free to stop by our FB page to share pictures of your UNREAL Halloween! We're happy to have such an avid fan over there in Nevada! Keep spreading the word!

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