Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Turkey Tips: Chronic Pain and Thanksgiving by

By Katrina Overland, Published Nov 26, 2013, Everyday Health

Shopping Stress

It’s the holiday season! Which means dinners with friends and family, and a whole lot of shopping, for food and for gifts. It can also mean a lot of extra stress and strain for everyone, and the cold weather plus all the hustle and bustle makes it a strenuous time for us with chronic pain.

When I go grocery shopping for myself, I’m fairly cautious about how much food I can actually buy, because I’m the only person who can carry it home. So I try to stick to one tote bag of food per weekly shopping trip, which also works well for my budget. It’s kind of a drag when I want two bottles of fruit juice or something heavy and need to buy milk, but it’s one of those habits I’ve developed unconsciously after living with fibro for several years. Monday evening, though, I went overboard — I was shopping for Thanksgiving dinner and trying to figure out how many potatoes would give me the right amount of left over garlic mashed potatoes, how big of a turkey I needed, and what I wanted to put into my brine this year. I wasn’t trying to mind how heavy my cart was getting, and I totally blew it. I ended up with enough food per pound for at least of my regular trips to the shop. For people without chronic pain (and who own cars), this isn’t probably isn’t the most pressing an issue. And I spend some time trying to see if I could power through, just hoist a bag over my shoulder and carry the turkey and roasting pan in my other hand. I live fairly close to the grocery store, after all.

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