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Rockin' Your Curvy Figure! HuffPost Live~ Full Figure Fashionista

I had to share this fashion segment for curvy ladies! Why? Because media mostly ignores us!

Let's start with the bra! For many busty ladies we know we should have supportive bras but for years they didn't look pretty but more like a piece of armor! And how often should you get measured and replace your bras?

Maybe your question is about how to adapt clothing trends to your curves. (that's been my issue for years) Or my question: what fashions should I now chose without looking frumpy or too young?

I actually never considered myself a fashionista. I've tried to select clothes that are comfortable and stylish. Many times I failed! But as I get ready to celebrate my 51st birthday next week I realized it's time to take another look at my wardrobe.

HuffPost Live recently did a segment titled "Full Figured Fashionistas". The guest included 2 female full figured fashion bloggers, a spokesperson from Linda the Bra Lady and a HuffPost Live fashion commen…

2nd Annual Super Saturday Recycling Event, Saturday, January 26, 8am to 4pm

Las Vegas residents can join 8 News NOW, All Green Electronics Recycling, Cintas, and Nevada Battery Recycling and Lotus Broadcasting for their 2nd annual Super Saturday Recycling Event at the Thomas & Mack Center on Saturday, January 26th from 8am to 4pm!

Recycle your electronics and documents safely and responsibly; anything that can be plugged in or takes batteries will be accepted. And when you are done recycling, Grouchy John's and Papa John's will be selling coffee and pizza.

They're also giving away one "Overtime" Super Bowl Party catered by Papa John's as well as $25 RC Willey gift cards. Plus, the 8 News NOW Morning Team will be stopping by in the morning to say hello, as well as live remotes from the event all day!

Getting a Flu Shot? Call Your Health Insurance Company First!

Source: via Cassandra on Pinterest

Don't forget to check with your health insurance company before you get a flu shot! Many are covering the cost of the shots with your doctors and pharmacies.

I'm so glad that I called before our son headed out the door for his!

Menu Plan Monday ~ January 22, 2013

Have you been enjoying this season of "Downton Abbey"? I sure have! And if you miss an episode or just wanted to watch it again, you can catch up at PBS.

This week, our only child is starting his freshman year of college! My husband and I are so proud of him. Of course, I'm also thrilled to have the apartment to myself for several hours a day.

And if you're a fan of "Coronation Street", a British soap opera, and live in the US you'll be interested in knowing that Hulu Plus is now airing episodes! My love of the show started last year after reading about it on a British blog. I immediately headed to YouTube, watched several episodes in a weekend. I was hooked!

Well, enough about us! Check out our menu plan this week.

Thanks to Organizing Junkie for hosting Menu Plan Monday! Source: via Rona on Pinterest Pioneer Woman's meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans

Source: via Rona on Pinterest Spaghetti and Meatbal…

Jumping Tandem Sunday: There's No Room In Here!

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

A big Thank You to Jumping Tandem for hosting Sunday!

Dog Ownership Can Part of Your Pain Management Plan

When I saw the segment title, My Dog Feels My Pain, HuffPost Live, was going to be airing I made a note so that I wouldn't miss it! After all, I've always felt that dogs can read us! Now, there's scientific proof.

Did you know that petting a dog helps release endorphins, which are natural pain killers? Many pain management specialists see the benefits of owning a dog, in their patients increasing exercise, stating they feel better and coping with their daily pain.

One of the guest suggested if the cost of dog ownership isn't in your cards consider volunteering at the local animal shelter or offering to walk your neighbor's dog. (great tip)