Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pain Matters ~ Please Spread The Word!

Attention Fellow Chronic Pain Sufferers...I wanted to help get the word out about a documentary, "PainMatters" airring on Discovery Channel and online.

According to the website: The documentary explores what chronic pain is, its individual and societal impact, and the future of pain management through the stories and struggles of six individuals living with chronic pain and their loved ones, as well as perspective from leading national experts in pain management.

Please watch...share...and spread the word, #PainMatters

Gwynnie Bee Subscription Box Has Arrived!

I totally love this Gwynnie Bee Peasant Top In Blue Print!

This top has a rounded v-neck top with three quarter self-tie dolman sleeves and rounded hem, in a multicolor swirl print. It's lightweight, comfortable and can be worn year around!

In my video, I'm sportin' it with my favorite black fitted short jacket, legging pants and tall boots. The top looks great with jeans too!

Gwynnie Bee

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday Thoughts ~ November 14, 2013

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom's Thursday Thoughts. I really love her blog. If you're looking for the 101 on subscription boxes definitely check out her out. She's has a Monthly Subscription Box List that you should definitely check out!

What TV shows am I watching? Well, lets just say this. I don't watch much actual TV. And when I do, it's usually syndicated programming. (Law & Order, Big Bang Theory) Most of the time, I'll watch "The Good Wife", "Coronation Street" and "Wendy Williams: After Show" online. (Hulu, YouTube)

Check out that 5 pound of baking soda on our laundry room shelf! We use baking soda, in so many ways, around the house. And I love it in the wash. It's also great for stinky armpits, in hubby and son's work shirts! I found this big bucket at our local, Smart N Final.

100 million American adults live with chronic pain. That's more than cancer, diabetes and heart disease combined. According to the Institute of Medicine, the high prevalence of chronic pain suggests that the condition is not being adequately managed. Undertreatment of chronic pain creates large costs to the healthcare system and the U.S. economy; we spend more than $560 billion in the U.S. each year on chronic pain-related healthcare costs. Moreover, chronic pain can carry significant physical and emotional burdens. And I am one of them.

Please check out Pain Matters, on Discovery Channel, November 16, Saturday. The documentary will be exploring what chronic pain is, its individual and societal impact, and the future of pain management through the stories and struggles of individuals living with chronic pain, their loved ones, as well as perspective from leading national experts in pain management.

Our Shade Of Brown Subscription Box Has Arrived! November 2013

Our Shade of Brown, formerly named My Shade of Brown, is a monthly beauty subscription service with products geared towards women of color. The monthly subscription is only $10 so for the opportunity to 'try out' products it's very affordable.

They ship the box via USPS.

Here's the greeting card. Looks like they changed the design a bit

This month's box contains hair conditioning treatment, scented hand sanitizer, mineral foundation and rosewood lip stick.

What Are You Reading?

After doing a review of the I Am Second, website, I discovered that there was a book. So I headed to Amazon, to purchase a copy. WooHoo!

I'm really loving "I Am Second: Real Stories. Changing Lives" by Doug Bender and Dave Sterret! It's full of beautiful testimonials of struggles, triumphs and faith. I'm keeping the Kleenex box close by...just in case.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

HuffPostLive: The Reality of Stay-At-Home Dads

Did you know that the number of stay-at-home fathers in the United States has more than doubled in the past ten years? I sure didn't.

I have to admit there were times I felt my husband was the better parent. Especially when our son was younger. He would work the third shift, take care of our son, keep house, while I worked during the day.

Who says it has to mom staying at home?

Do you know any stay-at-home dads?

Wordless Wednesday ~ Let's Rock

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Another Gwynnie Bee Box Has Arrived! Long Sleeve Color-Blocked Tunic

Gwynnie Bee is a monthly subscription clothing service for size 10-32. You pay a flat monthly subscription fee for access to a collection of over 1000 styles. The subscription also covers unlimited free shipping and exchanges.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Our Blue Apron Box Has Arrived! November 2013

Blue Apron describes itself as a "new concept in grocery delivery, built around incredible cooking experiences. We offer a once-a-week subscription service where we deliver all the fresh ingredients you need to make three meals, in exactly the right proportions. We've designed our service to teach you fun new recipes, save prep time and also reduce unnecessary waste. By letting us shop for you, we can bring you fresher and higher-quality food than you can get on your own in the supermarket, and for better prices."

To subscribe, you create your account, choose the type of plan you want (meat and seafood or vegetarian) and the number of people you want to feed. (2,4,6) You can skip meal deliveries, change servings but you can't pick your 3 recipes. Oh, and they only send you enough ingredients for that the recipe calls for.(no waste)

The cost includes priority shipping. So, for $9.99 per person, per meal, you can have a fun time making a delicious and healthy meal. For this order, we selected 3 meals, 2 people, at $59.94

Blue Apron always includes these beautiful colorful wipeable recipe cards. When I finished using them, I just file them in a notebook for future use.

Chili-Dusted Fish Tacos with Pickled Red Cabbage, Mango & Avocado

Center-Cut Pork Chops with Pan Sauce, Apple-Kohlrabi Slaw

Sweet & Sour BBQ Drumsticks with Snow Pea, Carrot & Celery Salad

Let's see what's inside this week's box!

Check out the vegetables and produce that was included in this week's Blue Apron Box. Everything smells so good and fresh.

I love radishes! Are you a fan too?

WooHoo! I see a mango, snow peas and kohlrabi! We're looking forward to cooking with these.

This week's Knick Knacks bag is larger than usual. That means lots of goodies!

Have you tried Blue Apron?

HuffPostLive: USACares.Org Helps When The Government Can't

On Veteran's Day, HuffPostLive presented several segments addressing veteran needs. ex: mental health, finances, families, health care Here's one that I would like to share with you.

Jennifer Robinson, Vice President of, shared a story about a veteran who donates $2 a month, reminding us that every dollar helps. We can definitely do the same!

Also featured, Bryan Anderson, Iraq War Veteran, Rodney Elliott, Retired from the Army, was deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan and Christy Elliott, Rodney's Caregiver spoke about their experiences with USACares.Org.

According to USACares, they exists to help bear the burdens of service by providing post-9/11 military families with financial and advocacy support in their time of need.

USA Cares has responded to over 45,000 requests for assistance with over $10 million in indirect-support grants.

USA Cares is a national 501(c)3 non-profit, charitable organization based in Kentucky, founded in 2003 and registered with the IRS.

Menu Plan Monday ~ November 11, 2013

Happy Veteran's Day! Thank you to all the veterans who have provided unselfish service to this beautiful country.

Organizing Junkie

Mexican Tortilla Soup

Individual Chicken Potpies

Guilt-Free Beef Stroganoff~recipe courtesy of Mr. Food's Quick & Easy Diabetic Cooking

Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Soup

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Dinner: Sweet & Sour BBQ Drumsticks With Snow Pea, Carrot & Celery Salad, Basmati Rice

Sunday Dinner recipe and ingredients were purchased from Blue Apron.

Sweet & Sour BBQ Drumsticks

served with Snow Pea, Carrot & Celery Salad, Basmati Rice.

Fighting Abuse But Hurting Pain Patients: FDA Seeks New Opioid Limits~Judy Foreman

October 24, 2013 | 8:28 PM | Judy Foreman

In a move designed to combat drug abuse but likely to put further burdens on pain patients, the US Food and Drug Administration has just announced that it is recommending tighter controls over opioid pain relievers such as Vicodin and Lortab that contain hydrocodone.

The shift in policy –- the subject of a controversial hearing in January –- will limit the number of refills a patient can get before going back to the doctor for a new prescription. It will also mean that a patient must physically take each prescription to a pharmacy, instead of allowing doctors to call the prescription in. For patients in severe, chronic pain and those with physical limitations, these requirements are likely to pose significant difficulties.

In the statement on its Website, the FDA said that opioids (narcotics) do allow people living with chronic pain to “manage their pain as well as significantly improve their quality of life.” But the FDA also said it had become “increasingly concerned” in recent years about the “abuse and misuse of opioid products.”

You can read the entire article at WBUR Common Health.

HuffPostLive: Missing In America

As of December 31, 2012, the National Crime Information Center listed 87,217 active missing person records. Many of those cases never received media coverage.

HuffPostLive decided to bring us their stories. Join us and help us bring these people home!

Sunday Community With Jumping Tandem ~ November 10, 2013

Sunday Community

I hope you have a blessed week! I'll be praying for those missing in America. May they be found soon~bring them home!

Watching "Brunch @Bobby's" on Ulive


This Sunday morning, I'm enjoying a cup of Mocha Nut Fudge coffee, watching Bobby Flay make amazing brunch recipes, like, Collard Greens Omelet, Buttermilk Biscuits and Peach Pecan Praline Waffles! Oh my!

What's your favorite dish to have at brunch?

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