Friday, December 13, 2013

Wanna Know When The Upcoming Twitter Parties Are?

I've got a few Twitter Parties that I plan on attending this holiday season. It seems that once the holidays kick in the amount of parties increase too. I love attending them because it gives me an opportunity to learn about new products and services, "meet" new people and possible win some very cool prizes!

If you're looking for a Twitter Party resource~check out Mommy Blog Expert! I also invite you to follow me @berrymorin. I do retweet Twitter parties details too.

How to Attend a Twitter Party

Attorneys General Want FDA to Reconsider Zohydro

Pat Enson, National Pain Report, December 11, 2013

Attorneys general from 29 states have asked the Food and Drug Administration to reconsider its recent approval of Zohydro, a powerful new extended release painkiller.

In a letter sent to FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, the attorneys general said they did not want a repeat of the past when narcotic painkillers entered the market without tamper resistant formulas. Drug abusers learned they could crush or liquefy painkillers such as oxycodone to snort or inject the drug.

"We believe your approval of Zohydro ER has the potential to exacerbate our nation’s prescription drug abuse epidemic because this drug will be the first hydrocodone only opioid narcotic that is reportedly five to ten times more potent than traditional hydrocodone products, and it has no abuse deterrent properties,” the letter says.

In October, the FDA ignored the advice of its own advisory panel, which voted to reject Zohydro because of its potential for abuse.

If approved and marketed, Zohydro ER will be abused, possibly at a rate greater than that of currently available hydrocodone combination products,” FDA staff reviewers wrote in a report.

You can read the full article at National Pain Report.

Come Join Me At #SpoonieChat ~ Chronic Illness

If you're a chronic illness sufferer, who also has chronic pain issues, I invite you to join me at #SpoonieChat Twitter Chat, on Wednesdays, 9-11 PM EST.

Dawn Gibson, @DawnMGibson, host, picks a specific topic and questions. Participants respond, share helpful information and support.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

My #AllisonWilliams Twitter Party Prize Has Arrived!

I recognized the sound of the FedEX truck outside so when I heard the knock at the door I actually skipped. I just knew it had to be something good...and I was right!

In October, I attended the #AllisonWilliams Twitter Party. I was so excited to have won an assortment of Simple Skincare products!

It's nice when there's a note inside the box to refresh my memory. I'll definitely be sending a thank you.

I'll definitely be putting all of these wonderful Simple Skincare products to good use: Simple Light Moisturizer, Moisturizing Facial Wash, Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes Thank you Simple Skincare!

"Call The Midwife" Holiday Special 2013 on PBS

"Call The Midwife" Holiday Special 2013 airs December 29, 2013 on PBS! My husband and I have really grown to love the characters.

Looks like Chummy, PC Noakes and baby Freddy are back in the East End. Sister Bernadette, now known as Shelagh, is preparing for her wedding to Dr. Turner. Jenny is facing huge challenges personally and professionally. At Christmas, when an unexploded WWII bomb is found under a warehouse close to Nonnatus House, the nuns and dozens of local families become homeless.

Chicken Sloppy Joe Sliders With Kale Slaw And Homemade Pickles

Chicken Sloppy Joe Sliders with Kale Slaw & Homemade Pickles courtesy of Blue Apron~Our son and I made this dish Tuesday night. He and the hubby loved it! And our son even ate the Kale Slaw. This is a dish that we'll be making again.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

National Pain Report: Neurontin ‘Snake Oil’ Lawsuit Upheld

Pat Anson, Editor, National Pain Report, December 11, 2013

The U.S. Supreme Court this week let stand a jury verdict that ordered Pfizer to pay $142 million to Kaiser Foundation Health for the illegal marketing of Neurontin, an anti-seizure drug that is widely prescribed off-label to treat fibromyalgia and migraines.

The decision clears the way for lawsuits by Aetna and other health insurers against Pfizer for the off-label promotion of Neurontin, a drug once infamously described by a top Pfizer executive as “snake oil.”

The cases stem from a 2004 settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice, in which Pfizer agreed to pay $430 million dollars in fines to resolve misdemeanor criminal and civil charges for the marketing of Neurontin, which is also known by its generic name, gabapentin.

After the settlement, Kaiser and other insurers sued Pfizer to recover the cost of Neurontin prescriptions they paid for, but were prescribed for conditions the drug did not effectively treat.

You can read the entire article at National Pain Report.

My #KohlsDreamGift Prize Has Arrived!

Last month, I won a $50 Kohl's e-gift card at the #KohlsDreamGift Twitter Party. So, I thought "Why not order new bath towels"!

And I did! I used the $50 to order 13 towels, cover shipping and tax! Thank you Kohl's!

Our Blue Apron Box Has Arrived ~ December 5, 2013

Blue Apron describes itself as a "new concept in grocery delivery, built around incredible cooking experiences. We offer a once-a-week subscription service where we deliver all the fresh ingredients you need to make three meals, in exactly the right proportions. We've designed our service to teach you fun new recipes, save prep time and also reduce unnecessary waste. By letting us shop for you, we can bring you fresher and higher-quality food than you can get on your own in the supermarket, and for better prices."

To subscribe, you create your account, choose the type of plan you want (meat and seafood or vegetarian) and the number of people you want to feed. (2,4,6) You can skip meal deliveries, change servings but you can't pick your 3 recipes. Oh, and they only send you enough ingredients for that the recipe calls for.(no waste)

The cost includes priority shipping. So, for $9.99 per person, per meal, you can have a fun time making a delicious and healthy meal. For this order, we selected 3 meals, 2 people, at $59.94

Blue Apron always includes these beautiful colorful wipeable recipe cards. When I finished using them, I just file them in a notebook for future use.

Hanger Steak with Salsa Verde & Plantains ~ this dish was a 10 in our house! I'll definitely be making it again, including the salsa verde and gucamole!

North African Spiced Shrimp with Couscous~ Lots of different flavors, textures but not a home run for us.

Chicken Sloppy Joe Sliders with Kale Slaw & Homemade Pickles~Our son and I made this dish last night. He and the hubby loved it! And our son even ate the Kale Slaw. I loved it too!

Look what was inside this box. Lots of fresh vegetables and produce.

Did you spot the parsnip and plantain?

In this Knick-Knack bag, we have dates, almonds and prunes.

these are the meats that were included: grounded chicken, fresh shrimp, hanger steak

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

HuffPostLive: Chat With Santa Today

Leave it to the everchanging face of technology. Our little ones can now talk with Santa via video cam.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Menu Plan Monday ~ December 9, 2013

I'm suffering from a bad cold so this week's menu recipes will prepared with the help of the hubby or son. If I'm not feeling up to it, we'll just have soup and sandwiches.

I had a wonderful bowl of Wor Wonton soup yesterday. It was just what I needed. What's your go-to soup when you're nursing a cold or flu?

Organizing Junkie

fried chicken, salad, roasted butternut squash

Marcus' Simple Lasagna

lovebakesgoodcakes on Pinterest.

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Social Sunday ~ December 8, 2013

Social Sunday

1. What is the wallpaper on your cell phone?
a snow scene.

2. What do you keep beside your bed?
a photo of my husband, a couple of books, a catch-all bowl with pens, memo pads

3. What is your least favorite chore?
I absolutely hate cleaning the oven due to my chronic pain issues. Usually, I can delegate that task to the hubby or son.

4. If you could eliminate one thing from your daily routine, what would it be?
Dealing with my chronic pain would be a true blessing to eliminate from my day!

5. What do you do to vent anger?
I clean...or take a walk. Sometimes I do both. Thank goodness it's been awhile since I've been angry.

6. What is your favorite holiday of the year and why?
I love Valentine's Day. I enjoy making it special for my husband. ex: dinner, gift

When We're Sick With A Cold We Feed It With Wor Wonton Soup!

I know some people enjoy a bowl of hot chicken soup when they're fighting a cold or flu but in our house we go for wor wonton soup. (and have it delivered)

Sunday Community ~ December 8, 2013


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