Friday, January 31, 2014

Thursdays Thoughts ~ January 30, 2014

The title, "I Don't Use Toilet Paper", at HuffPostLive, really got my attention so I decided to watch the segment with an open mind. Don't get me wrong. If you want to pursue a more frugal or green path, by making your own wipes, washing and drying them, etc. I say "Good for you". But after listening to the ladies, on the panel, I'm still buying that double ply brand at the grocery store!

I know Target has been delivering negative news lately about the hacking, stolen credit cards, etc. But recently we discovered our favorite Target is closing it's door's this May! Ugh!

According to the local news, corporate offices are closing low performance stores this year. Bummer!

I'm announcing that I'm going to make an effort to stop watching Real Housewives of "Any City". After watching the brutal attack on Brandon, on the Atlanta series, I'm done! It's crazy that people would put themselves in harms way to be able to get a check, have us critique them and perhaps get a better table at some fancy restaurant.

And that's my Thursdays Thoughts. What's yours?

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