Saturday, February 22, 2014

Friday's Letter ~ February 21, 2014

Dear Office Depot,
Thanks to Kenny, Ben and Jean, the wonderful staff at my local Office Depot, for their amazing customer service today. Kenny, Tech Support, assisted me with our Acer 17 inch laptop. It's definitely in need of a repair. Ben was there to answer my questions about notebooks. (I actually ended up buying one) And Jean made sure that I had everything at the register. (I almost forgot my water)

Dear Family,
Why does it seem that the dirty clothes just never seem to disappear? I'm dedicated myself, this Friday, to finish them off for once and for all!

Dear Netflix,
I was so pleased to find that Endeavour is available for online viewing. I've been a fan of Inspector Morse for many years. And when the Endeavour series originally aired on PBS, last year, I missed it.

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