Saturday, February 01, 2014

Whether I'm Rockin' My Bald Head Or A Wig...It's All Good Baby!

In case you didn't know, I'm bald. Yes, I started losing my hair almost 4 years ago. I cried, screamed and then made the choice to have my remaining hair buzzed off!

I've realized having a bald head has been a blessing! I can go swimming without the worries of weaves, relaxed or dyed hair! In the hot Vegas summers, it's just a sun hat, sunscreen before I head out for a walk or to the gym.

And I can't say how much of a money saver it's been! The expensive of relaxing, color, trimming my hair was around $200 a month. I spent much less on my wigs yearly!

I recently heard Stephen Hawking comment that we are adaptable, in "Hawking". I found myself nodding Yes because he's right!

So whether I'm rockin' my bald head or a wig...It's all good baby!

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