Friday, March 07, 2014

HuffPostLive: What About All The Other Lupitas?

If you've watching the entertainment shows, I'm sure you've seen photos and video clips of Lupita not missing a beat in the beautiful gowns, looking absolutely radiant. Her gorgeous black skin makes colors pop. And she's shown many that have a short natural afro doesn't limit you to styles.

I actually got up early so I could watch and participate in this segment, LIVE. Marc Lamont Hill, HuffPostLive host, was joined Imani Perry,Professor at the Princeton Center for African American Studies, Kelley L. Carter, Entertainment Editor, EBONY Magazine, Brett Robinson, Actress and Lindsay Strachan, Actress to discuss the Lupita Nyong’o Buzz.

One of the questions: Has the entertainment industry finally 'embraced' dark black actresses with natural hair? My response: I don't think so but as the "Old Guard" retires and dies out, let's hope that the new crew will began embracing all types.

Lupita is a beautiful, stunning young woman. She's at ease, in her own skin. Did you notice her confidence on The Red Carpet? That's why everyone is talking about her!

She's a wonderful speaker too. Many commented on her amazing speech, at the Essence Black Women In Hollywood luncheon, in which she spoke about the insecurities she had about herself as a teenager; growing up as a dark skinned black girl, women that looked like her were barely portrayed in the media and when they were, they were not deemed as being beautiful. Applause please!

In my lifetime, it's been a pleasure to see that media is becoming more diverse. Who would have thought that we would see Laverne Cox, in a starring role on a hit series, Orange Is The New Black?

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