Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Menu Plan Monday ~ March 3, 2014

Over the weekend, we watched Pacific Rim and Cowboys and Aliens, at home. Movie watching is more fun with a big screen TV. I don't think we're missing anything from not going to the movie theater anymore! Hubby's home theater popcorn is the bomb. And nobody has an issue if we talk during the movie!

I actually enjoyed Cowboys and Aliens more. I felt like it had a better script. While Pacific Rim was very predictable the special effects were lots of fun! My husband and son actually watched Pacific Rim twice. I guess you can see which movie was their favorite!

Organizing Junkie

Did you see a movie(s) this weekend?

We use Rick Bayless Taco Seasoning Sauce, it has the right combination of heat!

Chicken Fajitas~in our house, we use red peppers only

We love pancakes, anytime of the day!

tuna melts remind me of my days of working at Friendly's Ice Cream

ranch pork chops, spring mix greens salad

Hubby loves this chicken salad recipe.

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