Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Social ~ March 16, 2014

Sunday Social

1. How much time do you spend on Social Media a day?

Too many hours to count which is why I'm making an effort to cut that down. I don't want to forget to enjoy my life, offline.

2. How long were you reading blogs before you started a blog?

I believe I was reading blogs for a few months before I decided to start one. That was almost 9 years ago!

3. What is your favorite kind of cupcake?

I love a chocolate icing, yellow cake cupcake. That's my all-time favorite!

4. Do you eat fast food? If so what's your favorite?

On those very rare occasions, I do enjoy a Carl's Jr Super Star Burger. Hubby always shares his french fries and drink with me. (under protest)

5. What is the most random thing someone would find in your purse?

Gum and mints! I have a habit of buying one or two packs, while at the checkout. Hubby and son know that I usually have a stash in my purse.

6. What is the weirdest TV show you watch?

Weirdest TV show? I can't think of any.

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