Tuesday, April 29, 2014

NPR: Fear Of Addiction Means Chronic Pain Goes Untreated

Recently, Judy Foreman, author of A Nation In Pain, joined Scott Simon, NPR host, to discuss the current state of treating chronic pain.

She stated that over 100 million adults suffer from chronic pain and that doesn't contain children!

Ms. Foreman also shared that, in some cases, chronic pain can be a life-ending thing because what a lot of people don't realize is that the suicide risk among people in chronic pain is twice that for people not in pain.

I truly feel, it's time for the medical field to stand up, acknowledge that they know current methods and/or approaches aren't working. That they need to treat the whole patient. By that, I'm referring to mental and physical needs. Also, all aspects of health care should have training in chronic pain. ex: dentist, OB/GYN

And finally, let's consider getting back to the research drawing boards, for a safer, long term treatment options!

To listen to the segment, just click here.

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