Tuesday, May 20, 2014

HuffPostLive: What We Should Know About Lupus Awareness Month

May is Lupus Awareness Month. It is a chronic, autoimmune disease that affects at least 1.5 million Americans, and women of color are two to three times more likely to develop it.

Shanelle Gabriel, Singer, Poet, and Advocate for Lupus, Sarah Stothers, RN and Health Educator for the Lupus Foundation of America and Imani Perry, Professor at the Princeton Center for African American Studies and Lupus sufferer joined Marc Lamont Hill, HuffPostLive host to discuss their personal experiences with Lupus, current treatments and lots more.

Like many chronic illnesses, it can take years to finally get a diagnosis. You have to be your own health advocate or have someone who will be one for you. Even though I don't suffer from Lupus the stories mirrored mine, as a chronic pain sufferer.

Please share this segment with a Lupus sufferer.

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