Thursday, May 15, 2014

LiveScience: 8 Tips For Dealing With A Depressed Spouse

Over our 20 years of living together, my husband and I have been dealing with my Major Depression. It has caused much heartache in our relationship, due to my deep sadness, erratic behavior and moods over the years. After I suffered a car accident in 2000 and a work injury in 2003, I developed severe chronic pain. That lead to my Depression getting worse and more frequent.

I didn't receive much needed treatment, understanding of my disease and relief until I was committed to a mental institution. Through that experience, we finally accepted my diagnosis and help.

Are there days, moments that I still struggle? Most definitely YES. But we're more educated on my illness, know how to spot the warning signs and implement coping skills. I continue to take medication and counseling. And most important, our relationship was able to heal and grow.

For more about living with a depressed spouse, check out LiveScience's article, 8 Tips For Dealing With A Depressed Spouse.

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