Friday, May 09, 2014

Our Plated Box Has Arrived! May 2014

We've been wanting to give Plated a try since they started delivery in Nevada. So with a discount code, courtesy of, for 2 free meals, I figure I would place an order.

Here's the description of Plated, available from their website:

Plated offers 7 chef-designed recipes, that are featured on the menu, each week. The dishes include 4 healthy meat & fish options and 3 unique vegetarian dishes.

Delivery days vary according to where you live. Just enter your zip code on the menu page to see which days are available in your neighborhood.

All of the ingredients you need arrive fresh to your door. Read through your step-by-step recipe cards & get ready to cook up some fun!

Unlike Blue Apron, you can pick from several options but the per plate price is higher, $15 per plate or $12 per plate for members. If you compare that to eating out, drinks, transportation, tip, it's still more affordable than dining out!

Our Plated box was delivered via FedEX Home Delivery fully insulated inside.

We ordered 2 Chicken Paillard with Avocado Relish, Tahini and Red Quinoa.

We ordered 4 Skirt Steak with Papas Bravas, Greens and Paprika Aioli.

Here's how our vegetables, spices and condiments were packaged. Look how fresh everything is!

Here's the Skirt Steaks and Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts. I'm really looking forward to preparing these recipes!

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