Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday Thoughts ~ May 15, 2014

A pet shop owner in China is painting dogs to look like pandas in order to boost business... and cuteness. But wait a minute! The dogs are being painted?! Now, that's not cute!

Did you hear? An underwater explorer believes he’s found the remains of the Santa Maria flag ship from Columbus’ first voyage to the Americas. So does that mean they'll be making attempts to pull it up?

Vibram, the company that manufacture the FiveFingers shoes with separated toes, has moved to settle a suit claiming they overstated health benefits of wearing the shoes. I didn't even know that there was a health benefit implied with these shoes? I thought they were just unique.

When a woman lost 172 pounds, she was thrilled to find out Shape Magazine wanted to profile her. But not so thrilled when they turned down her photos. First of all, I've seen Shape Magazine covers. The models are wicked toned. I definitely do not believe their comments that there was a misunderstanding.

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