Tuesday, June 24, 2014

HuffPost Live: The Dangers Of Energy Drinks

HuffPost Live: From health scares to fatalities, research shows energy drinks are causing twice as many people to head to the emergency room these days. We discuss the dangers of consuming highly caffeinated beverages and explore why the products aren't regulated.

Stephanie Clarke, R.D. @SELFmagazine, Contributor at SELF Magazine, Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum @DrSteinbaum, Cardiologist; Director of Women & Heart Disease at Lenox Hill Hospital, Sylvia Nasser-Wendel @TheFitFem, Owner of Fit Fem and Karl K. Scott @karlkscott, Nutritionist & Personal Trainer joined Ricky, HuffPost Live host to discuss the dangers of these products.

I've never been a fan of energy drinks. I have never tried one but our son drinks them. He says their are his "coffee". Having said that, we have reminded him that he should drink them in moderation.

Do you think energy drinks should be regulated?

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