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Trunk Club Has Arrived! May 2014

Since my husband and I have a couple of events this summer, I wanted to give Trunk Club a try.

ps Check out Ramblings of A Suburban Mom's Trunk Club reviews.

Trunk Club is a mens clothing service where a personal stylist handpicks a trunk of high-end brand clothes, based on your sizes, preferences and ships it to you for free! When you first order a Trunk Club you go through all the steps online to complete a profile (which includes measurements and sizes), set up a call with your personal stylist to discuss your style, any up coming events, etc.

After speaking with Chelsea, our personal stylist, she sent me an email with a 'Review Your Trunk" feature. This allowed me to preview the pieces she selected and add or decline them to the 'trunk'.

Trunk Club does send high end clothing, shoes and accessories. There is no styling fee. The size of the trunk and number of pieces included varies based on what you are looking for and how much you want to spend.

You have up to 10 days to ship back any returns before your credit card is charged for the shipped items. You get a prepaid return address label to ship anything that you don't want back reusing the same box.

FedEX delivered our box this morning. It did require a signature but since FedEX and Trunk Club sent me email notifications, I knew to be home.

I surprised my husband with this so he was really excited to open it. We were really impressed with how everything was so beautifully packaged.

We really like the style and color of the Navy JKT Washed Summer Peach Poole Blazer but we'll be sending it back for a larger size.

The Billy Reid shirt, tan Fullum & Holt belt, Brooklyn Socks, Cole Haan Oxford shoes, Ballin dress pants~need hemming and Vince V-neck tee are definite keepers!


Jennifer said…
He looks fabulous!! Did your husband love the shoes as much as mine did???

At first, my husband wasn't keen on the shoes but once he saw himself in the full length mirror he was hooked!

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