Tuesday, July 22, 2014

HuffPostLive: Time To End The 'Bumbling Husband' Stereotype

HuffPostLive synopsis: American TV often makes men look like incompetent fools when it comes to childcare or household chores. But blogger Jaime Zucker says this stereotype helps no one. She tells us why we need to retire the "bumbling husband.

I don't think the Americans have this "bumbling husband /father thing locked up but I guess we have a serious enough problem that Jamie Zucker, blogger, decided to write about it!

In her blog post, at Huffington Post, she states that these images hurting feminists.

Here's an excerpt from her blog post: Feminism is a movement which strives for equality between women and men. Advertisements for housekeeping products can still be targeted to attract female consumers, but the justification that these products should be selected by the woman because her male partner is just too stupid to do so needs to be retired. It's time advertisers pay attention -- equality is empowering. Show us all some respect.

Well, I've always know that my husband is no "bumbling husband". He still does the best job cleaning the fridge, vacuuming, and calming down rowdy kids! There are many men taking great care of the home and kids. Times have changed!

So, do you think it's time that media retire the 'bumbling husband/father" ?

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