Thursday, July 03, 2014

Thursday Thoughts ~ July 3, 2014

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Check this out! It's a real life Winnie The Pooh. He got his head caught inside a cookie container. Oh my! Silly Old Bear.

Facebook is in hot water with its users after news surfaced that the social media giant allowed researchers to conduct a psychological experiment on nearly 700,000 unsuspecting users back in 2012.

Facebook stated that they conducted this experiment in response to reports that users have a negative response when reading about positive and negative posts.

Am I surprised? No, they're probably not alone in conducting studies.

It appears that iRobot isn't too far off. According to HuffPost Live segment, Home Care Robots have been in the works and should be available, in a few years! Just in time for hubby and I's golden years.

You won’t find any service ratings for The Vault Self-Service Coffee Shop because the operate on the honor system because there are no employees. Customers get their own drinks, swipe their cards or drop the payment into a box. And get this, it's working!

This my favorite good feel story of the week!

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Teena said...

Robot caregivers will take away many jobs and I agree with the guy in the video. The contact will be cold and impersonal what happened to people doing healthcare because they love it. I'm disabled myself and don't see myself relying on a robot.

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