Sunday, August 31, 2014

NowClinic Offers 24/7 Access To Physicans

I wasn't paid for this testimonial. These are my opinions and experiences.

When my husband woke up this morning not feeling well, I remembered a notice that our health insurance was now offering NowClinic to subscribers. I went to the website, created an account for the husband, followed the system requirement instructions, and got my husband ready for his virtual doctor's appointment, all from the comfort of our home.

setting up for my husband's online doctor's visit

After inputting my husband's information and payment information, we were prompted to a list of available doctors. We listened to a quick tutorial while waiting for the doctor to come on. Then we got a visual of the doctor, who started the conversation with some HIPPA statements.

The doctor and my husband began their visit. Then the doctor prescribed a medication, emailed the pharmacy of our choice and ended the visit. We received a copy of notes, for future reference.

Here's the description from their website: NowClinic may be appropriate to use when you’re unable to see your primary physician, during late nights and weekends, to get a second opinion, or have questions about preventive care and/or age- and gender-appropriate screenings. NowClinic might also be appropriate for follow-up appointments, such as reviewing lab results or answering questions about care.

Check with your health insurance to see if they offer virtual doctor service.

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