Friday, September 19, 2014

Love With Food Subscription Box Has Arrived ! September 2014

Love with Food recently sent me an offer for a free box, in hopes that I will return. I have to admit that we do miss it. Their snacks are fun, hip and unique.

Oh, before I forget, Love with Food donates a free meal for every box they sell. (I really like that) You can purchase a monthly box for only $10! That's a plus too!

Once I opened the box, Marcus asked to make some selections. After a quick review, he asked if he could take the whole box, to share with his girlfriend! Next month, I need to hide the box!

1 comment:

Gia P said...

LOL re: hiding the box next month! I can relate; since, I have a roommate, who engulfs before I get any opportunity to enjoy.

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