Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday Thought ~ September 11, 2014

When I was growing up, there weren't many black models to be rooting for, but we did have Beverly Johnson. It was a thrill to see her on HuffPost Live today, talking about her 40 year Vogue cover anniversary. Can you believe she's 60 years old? She's so beautiful and graceful. And to think, I only have 8 more years till I hit 60! I hope I look half as good as her.

PYT, a burger joint in Philly posted this receipt to their Facebook page showing a $60 tab racked up by Eagles player LeSean McCoy. The receipt also shows that the running back is one stingy tipper: nope, not even close to 20% -- 20 cents to be exact.

And guess who came to the rescue? Charlie Sheen! He donated a $1000 tip.

It's not often that you hear from an actor, who won't say anything negative about an actor. Justin Long is one of them. I had a feeling I would like this guy.

The National September 11 Museum opened it's doors in May, earlier this year. Today it plays its first role in the annual ceremony at Ground Zero, which includes a reading of the victims' names. The event started at 8:46 am, the exact time that the first plane hit the north tower.

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