Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday Thoughts ~ September 18, 2014

Sounds like Verizon is launching an Internet based cable service which will give you the choice. Yes! That's correct. You'll be able to pick the channels that you want to watch and pay for.

Kantaki Washington joined Alyona, HuffPost Live, to describe how she was treated by the staff of a swanky hotel when they assumed she was a prostitute. Oh my goodness!

Now I would like to say that doesn't happen but it did happen to me 30 years ago! I guess people still can't believe that black women can be in a luxury hotel unless they're prostitutes.

The Marriott has been asking that guests offer the maids better tips - a request that hasn't gone over well.

We tipped the maid on our last vacation. It's something that we do. Footnote: I would like the option to add my tip to my hotel bill. It would save me a trip to the ATM.

Grover and Abby Cadabby joined HuffPost Live to offer some recommendations for fantastic reading material. Take a listen for some great suggestions! Footnote: It was so awesome to see them on HuffPost Live this morning!

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