Monday, November 10, 2014

HuffPostLive: It's Wendy Williams!

Hubby and I saw Wendy Williams' comedy show, in Lipshtick, at The Venetian, this summer. What a treat!

Lipshtick, at The Venetian, launched with Wendy Williams. Her show, sold out! We had a fun people watching and chatting with people in our section!

While I'm not a big fan of "The Wendy Williams Show", I love the "After Show", on YouTube. It's quick bits of Wendy, away from the show, speaking about some of the highlights of the show, guests, and what she wore. My favorite is when she shares what she made for dinner, what TV programs and movies she watched, the night before. I get a kick out of her "When Harry Met Sally" lunch order style!

"The After Show" on YouTube, also gives you the opportunity to hear from the glams and show crew! Check it out!

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