Friday, November 21, 2014

Thursday Thoughts ~ November 21, 2014

Ramblings for a Suburban Mom

I loved that Solange incorporate her personal style into her wedding. From the white bicycles, with flower lined baskets to her white jumpsuit and cape it was put this wedding at a 10+! I wonder how soon well see many of these touches in other weddings?

Being a chronic illness sufferer for more than a decade, has been a rollercoaster ride but one thing, I've strive to maintain is my humor! Yes, laughter does make my pain filled day more tolerable.

Who doesn't have tech items on their Christmas list? So why not shop around, for a deal and perhaps something nice for yourself. I love that Target is offering Target gift cards with some of their tech items. I guess I'll be doing some Black Friday shopping after all!

As long as I can remember, many products and services, for women, cost more than for men. Take haircuts, for example, I used to pay around $15, at the hair salon, while my husband was only paying $10 at Supercuts.

Which is why I use Dollar Club Shave razors instead of buying women's razor. They're less expensive!

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