Saturday, March 29, 2014

Our ToothbrushSubscription Package Has Arrived!

Here's Toothbrush Subscriptions story of how it works:

A Toothbrush Subscription is very simple. The first thing you do is choose a toothbrush that best suits you. We carry a selection of high quality manual toothbrushes. Once you add your toothbrush to your shopping cart you will choose how often you want to have that fresh toothbrush automatically delivered to your door (every 1, 2, or 3 months.)

Your first toothbrush will arrive within 3-8 business days, via snail mail and then a fresh toothbrush will arrive again, automatically, on the schedule you set (every 3 months for example.)

You can choose just one toothbrush or as many as you like. There is no limit. It's that simple!

Thursday's Thoughts ~ March 27, 2014

Did you hear that Sprinkles has opened an ATM that delivers fresh cupcakes, in New York City, this week? What a yummy idea!

So, instead of getting money, from an ATM, I can get a cupcake? I'm all in for that!

This week, HuffPostLive panel discussed "Noah" and "Son Of God" and the Buzz, around these movies~good and bad. I've read some of the comments, regarding these movies. Let's face it, you're not going to satisfy everyone when you make a movie about a well-known story ~religious or not.

What I do believe is that people have stories they want to tell and there are people who want to see them. And Hollywood will continue to make and distribute these films, as long as they have the potential of making money!

In the meantime, I've added both movies to my Netflix DVD queue.

I thought it was fresh and smart to put Kim K. on the cover of Vogue. It's created buzz and ultimately selling magazines. And isn't that the reason one creates a magazine cover?!

What are your Thursday Thoughts this week?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Easy Cheesy Pasta And Ham Casserole!

Sometimes, I like to make my family comfort food. It's nice to have a treat once in awhile!

My husband refers to a dish, like this, as 'farm food'. All I know is that the making the cheese was wicked easy! This is dish was delicious and officially a family favorite!

Health.Com: CT Scans Might Help Diagnose Gout in Some Cases

WEDNESDAY, March 26, 2014 (HealthDay News) ~ CT scans can help detect gout that’s been missed by the current standard testing method, a new study suggests.

Gout is a common and painful form of arthritis caused by a buildup of uric acid in the body. The standard test — called needle aspiration — involves taking fluid or tissue samples from a gout-affected joint and checking them for uric acid crystals.

This test usually detects gout in patients, but not always.

In this study, Mayo Clinic researchers found that dual energy CT scans detected gout in one-third of patients who had negative results on the needle aspiration test. The CT scans were particularly effective in patients who’d had several gout-like episodes but had remained undiagnosed.

You can read the entire article at

Thank You Go Curvy For The Beautiful Necklace!

Here I am wearing the necklace.

I've been a fan of Go Curvy for a few months now and love to tweet while watching the show. Recently, Sherry Lee was wearing an very beautiful necklace that prompted a tweet. I was shocked when she tweeted me, letting me know that she wanted to send me the necklace! Woohoo!

Go Curvy is a live webTV talk show that streams every Thursday at 2PM PST! Hosted by the amazing Sherry Lee Meredith, this show aims to inspire curvy women to embrace their figures with confidence!

You'll see a variety of topics discussed, that range from fashion, makeovers, jewelry, movers and shakers in the Curvy community.

Menu Plan Monday ~ March 24, 2014

Hidden Valley Chicken, Spring Mixed Greens

Salsa Verde Pork Chops, Rice

Monday, March 24, 2014

I Had A Great Time On HuffPostLive Today! "The Importance Of TLC For Every Body"

Today, I joined Kirsy Rodriguez, Beauty Advocate for Women with Disabilities and Maggie Redden, Ms. Wheelchair New Jersey, along with Nancy Redd, this morning.

Kirsy shared that she didn't let her disabilities stop her from applying makeup. She shared that she uses the table, adapts her makeup tools to apply her makeup. Matter of fact, Kirsy declined having HuffPostLive makeup staff services and applied her own makeup. And she looks flawless!

Kirsy's Beauty blog, Barrier Free Me, will be launching soon! We'll be checking that out for sure!

Maggie Redden, Ms. Wheelchair New Jersey, spoke about her introduction to pageants, makeup and growing up.

I definitely enjoyed being part of this panel. Just because we have chronic conditions doesn't mean we don't appreciate makeup, skincare and fashion!

This segment will continue to be available on HuffPostLive. Just click here. Did you see the segment?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

I'll Be On HuffPostLive Tomorrow Discussing The Importance Of TLC For Every Body

Beauty regimes & taking care of oneself isn't just reserved for the able-bodied. Though one rarely sees images of disabled folks primping and pampering, we speak with advocates about the importance of a little TLC for everyone, regardless of ability.

I'll be joining Nancy Redd, Host, and Maggie Redden, Ms. Wheelchair New Jersey to discuss the importance of pampering yourself on Monday, 10:20AM PST, 1:20PM EST.

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