Friday, May 02, 2014

Have You Been Enjoying The Living So That Bible Study?

We're approaching the last week of this online bible study. Living So That: Making Faith-Filled Choices in the Midst of a Messy Life, Online Bible Study, has been a great joy. First of all, I love that the author omitted a separate workbook! This was perfect for me! I usually did my study while lying in bed before I fell asleep.

There are questions placed through out the chapters that require you to use your bible.

I really liked that because I found myself getting reacquainted with bible verses and discovering new ones.

I want to thank Wendy Blight, author and Proverbs 31 Ministries for a wonderful bible study! I definitely will be keeping my book, on the bedside table, to re-read, pray and reflect.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Thursday Thoughts ~ May 1, 2014

Happy Thursday Thoughts everyone! It's time for Ramblings of a Suburban Mom's Thursday Thoughts. I really love her blog. If you're looking for the 101 on subscription boxes definitely check out her out.

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

Would you like to have your dogs at work? And have free yoga sessions for you and your dog? Sounds good to me! Both have been shown to give us better mental health and physical benefits! Where can I sign up?

According to The American Lung Association, LA takes the top spot of America’s most polluted cities. It reportedly violates federal health standards for ozone for a third of the year.

Well, this news doesn't surprise me. I've flown into LA, during the evening and seen that haze of smog floating over the city. It was amazing and scary at the same time!

DOGTV is the first cable channel to offer 24 hours of dog-targeted programming. Is this crazy? Maybe not. Scientists found dogs respond well to these TV shows!

So, will you be signing up for DOGTV channel for your dog?

#LoveWithFood Twitter Party, May 3, Saturday 8PM EST/5PM PST

Love With Food Twitter Party May 3, Saturday, at 8 pm ET with @joroparties @lovewithfood. Prizes: FREE Trial Boxes for all participants ($2 shipping fee applies) plus $200 in prizes!

RSVP at Rosey The Coupon Coach!

Shelling Peas Was So Much Fun!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

We Had A Wonderful Anniversary This Weekend!

Hubby and I spent our 18th wedding anniversary, starting with a charity walk, Walk of Hope, cooking dinner together, and watching Elysium on DVD. By the way, I highly recommend that movie!

I truly feel so blessed to have known, loved and grown with this man, for 27 years of my life! It's been a wonderful roller coaster ride honey!

NPR: Fear Of Addiction Means Chronic Pain Goes Untreated

Recently, Judy Foreman, author of A Nation In Pain, joined Scott Simon, NPR host, to discuss the current state of treating chronic pain.

She stated that over 100 million adults suffer from chronic pain and that doesn't contain children!

Ms. Foreman also shared that, in some cases, chronic pain can be a life-ending thing because what a lot of people don't realize is that the suicide risk among people in chronic pain is twice that for people not in pain.

I truly feel, it's time for the medical field to stand up, acknowledge that they know current methods and/or approaches aren't working. That they need to treat the whole patient. By that, I'm referring to mental and physical needs. Also, all aspects of health care should have training in chronic pain. ex: dentist, OB/GYN

And finally, let's consider getting back to the research drawing boards, for a safer, long term treatment options!

To listen to the segment, just click here.

We Met Miss Nevada at the Walk Of Hope Walk!

We participated in the Walk of Hope walk for Shade Tree, last Saturday. As you can, it was a cold day in Las Vegas!

When I saw Miss Nevada, I asked her if my husband and I could take a photo and she said, "You sure can"! She even complimented me on my coat. How sweet of her!

HuffPostLive: Can You Ask For Cash Instead Of A Wedding Gift?

According to Anna Post, author, Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette, 5th Edition, the answer is "Yes"! And it appears there many creative ways one can ask for cash. From asking for donations towards their student loans to having help with your honeymoon expenses, it's left up to the imagination.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Menu Plan Monday ~ April 28, 2014

Last week's Blue Apron meals were delicious! Especially the Chicken And Mixed Mushroom Forager with Toasted Garlic Bread! It was fun using Oyster and Maitake mushrooms. A first, in our house!

I added some fresh flat parsley from our herb garden. Delicious!

Call The Midwife and Mr. Selfridge were entertaining! Watching these 2 TV shows with my hubby really makes our Sunday evenings special! He usually pops a bowl of popcorn for us to enjoy but we finish it off within 10-15 minutes! Yikes! Do you have TV shows that you and your spouse, partner enjoy watching together?

Organizing Junkie

Slow Cooker Turkey Breast, Zucchini, Carrots

Asian Beef with Broccoli, Brown Rice

Shrimp Louisiana-Style, Brown Rice

Pork Roast, Red Potatoes, Green Beans

Hamburgers, Oven Fries

Pork Stir Fry

Grilled Portobello Mushroom,Roasted Red Pepper & Goat Cheese Wraps

This Weekend Project: Gardening

I truly believe that gardening can be wonderful for chronic pain and Depression sufferers. I enjoy working with the soil, creating something beautiful.

This year, we started a herb garden. It's fun to discover new recipes to use our fresh herbs! And they smell so good!

The scents, colors and outdoors are great mood lifters too! Especially on a gorgeous Spring day!

Blue Apron Has Arrived! ~ April 2014

Look who's back, in our house, after a bit of a break! Blue Apron!

Blue Apron describes itself as a "new concept in grocery delivery, built around incredible cooking experiences. We offer a once-a-week subscription service where we deliver all the fresh ingredients you need to make three meals, in exactly the right proportions. We've designed our service to teach you fun new recipes, save prep time and also reduce unnecessary waste. By letting us shop for you, we can bring you fresher and higher-quality food than you can get on your own in the supermarket, and for better prices."

To subscribe, you create your account, choose the type of plan you want (meat and seafood or vegetarian) and the number of people you want to feed. (2,4,6) You can skip meal deliveries, change servings but you can't pick your 3 recipes. Oh, and they only send you enough ingredients for that the recipe calls for.(no waste)

The cost includes priority shipping. So, for $9.99 per person, per meal, you can have a fun time making a delicious and healthy meal. For this order, we selected 3 meals, 2 people, at $59.94.

Our Blue Apron boxes are delivered via OnTrac. Our apartment complex office signs for the box, keeps it secure, till we stop by the to pick it up.

Cod with Linguine with Fresh Peas, Meyer Lemon and Spring Herbs. ~ This dish was so much fun to prep! I haven't shelled peas since I was a little girl! And I can't say enough about the freshness of the ingredients. Amazing! This dish truly taste like Spring!

Chicken And Mixed Mushroom Forager with Toasted Garlic Bread ~The chicken was so juicy and delicious. And the variety of mushrooms were fun to cook with! Footnote: I didn't use the whole onion. We definitely didn't miss it. I want to add that this dish would have been great with brown rice.

5-Spice Pork Buns with Red Cabbage, Carrot, & Thai Basil Salad~This was a family favorite, hands down! And our first time cooking with pork belly: very tender, delicious Footnote: we used the salad, in the pork buns. Yum!

Check out the vegetables and produce that was included in this week's Blue Apron Box. Everything smells so good and fresh.

Aren't these mushrooms gorgeous? Oyster and Maitake Mushrooms

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