Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday Thoughts ~ February 26, 2015

Homeless man helped drivers who were stuck on the ice, by pushing the cars to safety. Word got out, news cameras came out and the story went viral.

People began to make donations, including getting the gentleman a hotel for the night, food and starting a Go Fund to help him get back on his feet! Hudges, is also getting job offers.

Now that's a story that lightens my heart!

Do I think the lack of diversity being a contributor to the lowest ratings in years? I don't know. I only followed the Red Carpet on Twitter.

Italian fisherman Dino Ferrari caught a 280 lb Wels Catfish Thursday in Italy’s Po Delta river, setting a new record. And more good news. Mr. Ferrari release the catfish back into the river!

According to a UK survey, four out of five women don't shower every day. Many don't remove their makeup before going to bed. 1 and 8 women admitted they don't brush their teeth before going to bed.

All I can add is this gal always removes her makeup, takes a shower and brushes her teeth before going to sleep. Have a wonderful week!

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