Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Curvy Con Event, New York City, Saturday, June 20th

Congratulations to The Curvy Con hosts, Chastity Garner and CeCe Olisa with the great success of their first conference.

While I wish I could have attended, Twitter was a buzz from attendees of the event.

TheCURVYcon was a day-long event that brought plus size brands, fashionistas, bloggers and YouTube starts into one room, to chat curvy, shop curvy and embrace curvy, in New York City.

Here's hoping to see The Curvy Con event spread to other cities next year. Can I suggest Las Vegas?


Linda said...

Mona, you are such an inspiration to me. Please know that people like me, who love your blog, are praying for you and for our gracious Lord to transform your illness to health.
Much love from southern California-

Rona Berry-Morin said...

Thank you so much Linda, for the kinds words.

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