Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hope You're Having a Great Summer!

First, I have to say that summers in Vegas aren't my favorite time of year. If you've ever visited Las Vegas, you may have idea of what I'm talking. By noon, we're usually over 90 degrees. By 8pm, we're still in the 100s.

For the locals, it can be overwhelming living in this environment. The bright sun and heat requires all shades to wear sunscreen. And please don't leave your kids in the car! Despite the warning, we still lose some of young.

Anyways, I'm not here to just talk about the many dangers in the Vegas heat but more to talk about fall is coming!

My husband and I love taking walks to the park and farmers market when the cooler temperatures arrive.

Even better, I cut of the A/C, open the windows and watch our curtains move with the breeze! Lower electric bill!

So here wishing everyone a continued wonderful Summer. And wishing for fall temperatures in Las Vegas very soon!

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