Sunday, August 02, 2015

Sunday Community: A Beautiful Day for a Walk

I find that a daily walk, no matter how far, early in the morning, is healing. But there's something very special about a Sunday morning walk. Our neighborhood hasn't quite woken up yet. The streets are quiet. And just the sounds of birds chirping and trees flowing the breeze to keep me company.

All my worries, concerns and fears seem to just disappear with each step. I even forget how much my body is in pain due to soaking in the sunshine.

What a wonderful way to end my week with a walk.


Becky L. said...

I enjoy my walk with husband in the evening. The other night it was so hot during the day that we didn't walk til 9 p.m. Felt good! It has been quite hot the past 3 days and now it's starting to cool down into the 80s instead of high 90s and into 104 on last Friday! Melt!!! Thankful for a/c. Glad you can feel some relief with your walk among the pain. Have a good week in spite of it all!

Rona Berry-Morin said...

Thank you Becky. I'm so happy to hear that you and your husband are enjoying your evening walks. Have a beautiful week.

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