Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Halloween Decorations!

The Halloween kitchen display was created from Pinterest printable sign, $3 Trick or Treat garland from Target, and various Halloween decorations from previous years! The Yankee Candle was free due to a Staples gift card that I won. And I found an acorn during one of my walks!

I really like how it turned out. Even my husband loves it.

For this year's Halloween tree, I use the same greeting cards and witches hat from last year. Also left the felt acorn ornaments on the tree from September. I love the various colors.

I wanted to make a banner for our hallway bathroom and discovered this one on Pinterest! It took me a few hours to cut all of the letters out but it was so worth it!

What I love about this display is that it was already assembled. I had it in an old scrapbook. Just took it out of the protective page and put it on the fridge!

I love to reuse items. And finally, I had a project to put those coffee cans to good use. I just grabbed some white craft paint, applied a few coats, let dry and added accents!

They're doing double-duty on the balcony holding supplies. Added an old autumn wreath, ribbon and pumpkin to finish off the shelf.

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