Sunday, October 11, 2015

I Joined "This Week In Style"! Caitlyn Becker Is Leaving NYC!

Do you have a short list of people who influence your fashion style? I sure do and Caitlyn Becker, HuffPost Live host, is on the Top 5!

As I would take time out to watch and tweet LIVE during the show, I would learn new fashion and beauty tips. Caitlyn has a wonderful infectious personality and one can see she loves fashion when she hosts the show.

I even reached out to Caitlyn, via Twitter, for shoe advice, to complete a Red Carpet look. She was wicked generous and provided me with suggestions.

Over the 3 years, Caitlyn would mention me on "This Week In Style' often. I truly appreciated the shoutouts.

Cut to this segment, HuffPost Live producers reached out to me to surprise Caitlyn via Google Hangout. I am truly honored to have been asked and said Yes! Thank you HuffPost Live!

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