Friday, October 16, 2015

Join Me At #HERchat, Thursdays, 4PM PST

I attend several chats during the week, on Twitter. #HERchat is one of top favorites. Why? Because @EmpowHER, host, covers health topics that women are talking about. This week it was Breast Cancer Awareness.

Many doctors, survivors, men and women joined the conversation.

I learned so much on Thursday. One of the doctors, in attendance, spoke about how men survivors feel left out during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

We really should do more about that. And that's one of the cool things about #HERchat. People started asking questions about men breast cancer survivors, screenings, stats. It was a lively conversation.

Many of my followers joined in the conversation after seeing my tweets, on their timeline as well. Ah, the positive power of Twitter!

If you're interested in participating or following #HERchat live, follow @EmpowHER or @berrymorin.

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