Monday, October 19, 2015

Like Taking Photos and Posting to Your Social Media? Consider Updating Your Lighting?

Tip one: Lighting

If you're like me, your home tends to run on the dark side. Not much overhead lighting or bright areas. One's camera can only do so much.

Do a YouTube search "Improve lighting for videos", for example and you'll get 1000+ results.

P.S. I do suggest watching a few over a course of a few days, for reference. I got lots of helpful suggestions from the beauty and fashion YT.

But when it comes to lighting, determine what you need, set a budget and head to Amazon. I found my lighting kit for $39.99. Oh, lets just say $40!

Matter of fact, I kept watching the prices, for months, till it drop under $40! When it did, I placed my order!

Fancierstudio 2 Light kit video lighting kit: two x 7Ft Light Stand,tTwo x Ac Adapter, two x 45watt fluorescent bulbs, and two 33" Shoot Through Umbrella

Here's a photo college taken with the lighting kit.

And one photo where the lighting kit was not use.

Enough said.

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