Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Menu Plan Monday ~ November 30, 2015

This is the master bedroom. I utilized thrift shop items, recycled and heirlooms. It was also fun to reuse ornaments, as wall decor and window decoration. The Joy sign was only $3 from Target!

I've been busy decorating for Christmas. Every time I think I'm finish, I get inspired to tackle another project! The cool thing is I haven't spent much money.

Pinterest is a fantastic source for free downloads and DIY projects. For example, I've reused greeting cards and tags to create banners. Even our tree has been decorated with favorite Christmas cards.

Oh, and don't pass up your thrift stores. I purchased dinnerware, ornaments and decorations for $25!

Organized Junkie

Oven baked pork chops, Salad

Beef Stew

, Shrimp Vegetable soup

Chicken Enchiladas

Spinach Ravioli with Mushrooms

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