Friday, January 23, 2015

Thursday Thoughts ~ January 23, 2015

When did teacher's start sending notes home regarding the contents of kid's lunches? While I'll admit that candies aren't the best item for a kid's lunch I'm so glad I don't have school age kids.

Congratulations Gracie, on becoming the new Gerber baby. She's definitely a cutie!

Google plans to launch a new mobile phone service that will be sold directly to Untied States consumers. Sounds interesting? i'm sure they'll be incorporating manyh of their other products and into this service.

Apparently this US postal worker decided that he wasn't going to deliver the mail. And he kept the undelivered mail under his porch! Oh brother!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I Need Bifocals! ~ Time For Some New Eyeglasses

The big surprise at my eye exam, this year, is that I need Bifocal lenses. Once I got over that, I started trying on frames. It took me an hour to narrow down my choices.

Black Eyes frames retailed at $165.00 ~ I've worn frames like this in the past. Not my favorite. PS the doctor was so right! I do need bifocals.

BeBe frames retailed $150~ If I were to purchase prescription sunglasses this pair would be a front runner.

Nine West frames retail $200+ ~I love the blue frames and the shape is one I've never worn before!

Let's Get Organized! Home Office Desk

Hubby decided it was time to reorganize the computer equipment and wires. No longer would the computer tower and modems be on the floor. Having them on the desk would give us easier access. He also took the opportunity to clean the dust from the tower. A must do job to keep your equipment running well!

The wires were redirected so we would no longer risk getting our feet dangled up in them. Yes, I actually did that a few times.

The finished results give us a clean, less cluttered work desk!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Thank You, I'm Feeling Much Better!

HuffPost Live: Do You Use Online or Printed Dictionary?

Menu Plan Monday ~ January 20, 2014

Organizing Junkie

Oh my! Did you enjoy last Sunday's Downton Abbey moment with Violet? She's just full of surprizes. I'm really looking forward to seeing this storyline played out! Just in case you missed it, PBS has Episode 3 available!

Creamy Chicken and Cheese ~ Natasha's Kitchen

Steak Sandwiches, Oven Fried Fries ~ Cravings of a Lunatic

Fish tacos, cole slaw


Baked Ham, Asparagus, Scalloped Potatoes

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Home Depot ~ Window Shopping

While my husband and I were out for a Sunday walk, we decided to stop by Home Depot to check out the selection of door knobs. We've been thinking of updating some the door knobs in our apartment.

Geesh! There's so much variety, I'm glad I took photos!

Heirloom Apple Rolls ~ Oh Sweet Basil

I really enjoy baking with my husband. He's always ready to do the peeling, chopping or dicing for me. I'm in charge of assembling the ingredients, mixing bowls and utensils. And together, we can create something delicious to enjoy and share.

After our power walk, I thought it would be nice to make a batch of Heirloom Apple Rolls while we watched "The Closer" on Amazon Instant Video.

I'm so glad I had finished working with the dough before Brenda's mother died!

PS These apple rolls definitely mended my broken heart!

Silent Sunday

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