Wednesday, September 30, 2015

#PainAwarenessMonth Has Come To A Close!

If you want to learn more about chronic pain conditions, seek support, follow bloggers and advocates check out #SpoonieChat #ChronicLife #Spoonie. Many of us participate in other chats, too many to share but worth checking out!

Rocksbox Jewelry Subscription Box Rocks!

I love receiving Rocksbox. Along with Gwynnie Bee, it also keeps my style looking fresh for very little. A monthly subscription is $19/mth. You can keep the jewelry pieces as long as you, buy or send back to receive a new box.

My favorite way to do is to wear them for a bit and return for something new to wear. If you're interested in signing up for your own Rocksbox, please use my referral code, RonaBFF1

Outfit of the Days: September 2015

I love me some Gwynnie Bee! For only $35 a month, I can keep my wardrobe fresh and fun. All month long!

Halloween Decorations!

The Halloween kitchen display was created from Pinterest printable sign, $3 Trick or Treat garland from Target, and various Halloween decorations from previous years! The Yankee Candle was free due to a Staples gift card that I won. And I found an acorn during one of my walks!

I really like how it turned out. Even my husband loves it.

For this year's Halloween tree, I use the same greeting cards and witches hat from last year. Also left the felt acorn ornaments on the tree from September. I love the various colors.

I wanted to make a banner for our hallway bathroom and discovered this one on Pinterest! It took me a few hours to cut all of the letters out but it was so worth it!

What I love about this display is that it was already assembled. I had it in an old scrapbook. Just took it out of the protective page and put it on the fridge!

I love to reuse items. And finally, I had a project to put those coffee cans to good use. I just grabbed some white craft paint, applied a few coats, let dry and added accents!

They're doing double-duty on the balcony holding supplies. Added an old autumn wreath, ribbon and pumpkin to finish off the shelf.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Finding The Right Shade of Lipstick

Ladies, do you enjoy trying different lipstick colors? I sure do. Especially since I learned everyone can wear any lipstick color. You just need to find the right shade.

This shade of pink is wicked fun. I finished it with a natural lip gloss.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Menu Plan Monday ~ September 28, 2015

Since I don't eat the meals I make for my husband there's always leftovers. (digestive issues) He can reheat for a late lunch or a midnight meal when he gets home.

I always love the smell of cooking or baking. And it feels good to have something ready for him. Happy Menu Plan Monday!

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